Planning A Lingerie Shower

Every great bachelorette party includes a lingerie shower that spoils the bride with all the sexy goodies that she needs on her honeymoon. Whether you’re the maid of honor, the sister, the best friend, or a group of bridesmaids, including all of the components that make for a perfect lingerie shower is a must. Today, we’re going to touch on a few of the things that you should take into consideration as you’re planning your bride’s lingerie party.

Location, Location, Location

Though it’s not as big as the overall bachelorette party, finding a fun and intimate way to shower your bride with gorgeous lingerie pieces is a must. Sure, you could all sit around in a circle after brunch and watch her blush as she opens gift after gift of lacy panties and satin teddies. How many of you have been to these type of parties and thought that it just didn’t feel right given the setting? If you’re raising your hand, keep reading.

Lingerie is sexy, it’s intimate, and it’s fun — meaning that it should be opened in a very similar setting. If you’re going to be taking your beautiful bride out for a night on the town TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Get a hotel room for the night and split up between the girls. With the right snacks, decorations and a few bottles of champagne, you’re really setting the mood for the gifts that this lovely lady is about to open.

Invitations & Information

Now, if you’ve found the perfect place, then the next step is creating invitations for the guests. Dress this invitation up with a little bit of naughty, a little bit of nice, and then a little bit of information. Aside from including information about the time and place of the party, there’s a little bit something extra that we suggest providing your guests: the bride’s size!

If you’ve ever been to Victoria Secret or your local lingerie store, then you’ve probably been fitted for a bra, but what if we told you that more than 40 percent of women are still wearing the wrong size bra? Would you believe us — probably! Don’t let your bride leave for her honeymoon with items that don’t fit. As the person that’s planning the party, ask for the bride’s size, write it down and keep it until the party is done. Include it in a little piece of the invitation so that all guests know what size to purchase and can look back on it for reference.

When it comes to lingerie, we’re pretty sure the saying goes happy bride, happy groom. So make sure those gifts fit!


Now, we’ve talked about some of those technical parts of the party, so let’s dive into the fun parts — starting with decorations! The good news is, these parties are fun, sexy, and off the wall, so the directions should be too. Sure, include streamers, balloons, and confetti in your scheme, but there are so many fun takes that you can incorporate into your party that also make the most of the theme: lingerie.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate lingerie in the decoration is through panty streamers. Hang a couple of bras or thongs on a string and hang it from one wall to the other. This is a simple way to give a gift and spice up the decorations in a fun and flirty way. Without a doubt, this will catch your girl’s eye, and it will automatically set the mood for the type of night that you’re about to have.


The last thing that pops into people’s heads when they’re thinking about lingerie is food. It’s far from what you would do before putting on lingerie at the least. Though that may be the case, you do want to make sure that there are some fun things for you and your gal pals to enjoy during the lingerie party. Anything from small snacks like fruits and vegetables to pizza are great for the party — but champagne, wine, and beer are a must!

Find something that makes sense for your theme and your bride that keeps the energy high, the event fun and your guests full! Don’t overthink the food and drink part of the party, just have fun!

Lingerie She Loves

Something that you want to make sure you focus on is the lingerie itself. As the bride’s nearest and dearest, you will know better than anyone else what kind of style she rocks! Finding the type of lingerie that your gal pal will feel comfortable in is a must. Though it might be easy to go for the bridal blue robes, don’t purchase one unless it’s something that you know your bride will love! There are so many brides that would rather have some bright red lace or black mesh — so don’t buy them something that’s going to get left behind on the honeymoon.

Finding the right lingerie for your bride doesn’t have to be a challenge. Browse the selection of lingerie that we offer on Dreamgirl and find the pieces that your beautiful bride will love. We strive to provide a wide range of styles and sizes so that you can find something for your friend.

Hopefully, today’s blog has provided you with some insight on how you can better prepare for the perfect lingerie party. Make sure to check out the other topics that we’ve covered in our blog for some more fun and flirty ideas surrounding lingerie.