Lingerie Pieces Every Woman Should Have On Hand

Who doesn’t love to feel sexy in their own skin? We know that there’s not a woman out there that doesn’t want to feel confident and beautiful. Sure there are makeup and hair products that can make a woman feel beautiful, but there’s nothing that does the job quite like lingerie. If you want to start purchasing lingerie to keep in your back pocket for when you need a little pick me up, or you want to make sure that you’ve got all of the essentials in your wardrobe, then keep reading! Today’s blog is going to cover some of the must-have pieces that we think every woman should have on hand.

The Sexy Bra

Whether you’ve got a drawer full of bras or a couple of go-to bras that you revert to, every woman needs at least one sexy bra that makes her feel great and makes her girls look better than ever. You are the one that gets to decide which bra becomes your sexy bra, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a leopard print push up or a lacy bralette — find one that you love and feel great in and get it!

The Fun Panty

We’ve just talked about how important the sexy bra is, but the panty is no different. Most women have a drawer chock full of panties but do you have a pair that you recognize as your sexy panty? It has to be a special pair, one that you wouldn’t dare get in the mix of period panties. Again, choose something that feels fun and sexy to you and that you could feel confident in even if you were just wearing a plain t-shirt and those panties.

Having a couple of panties that you feel sexy in and love is a must, so don’t ever talk yourself out of buying a new pair.

The Matching Set

For those of you freaking out about the fact that we’ve talked about two pieces that aren’t matching — it’s your time to shine. Sure you should have a couple of panties and a bra that are standalone sexy, but that doesn’t take the place of the matching set that you should have on hand because it is a must.

Finding a bra and panty set that match is something that should be in a color or pattern that you feel confident in and love. If you’re not someone that loves matchy-matchy patterns, then opt for a classic color like red or black. You can go a little over the top with embellishments or styles with a matching set because it’s full purpose is to rock the socks off the lucky guy or gal that gets to see it!

The Jammies

Pajamas are one of the times that you can get away wearing the comfiest clothes that you own. There’s no one there to judge you for the bleach stains on your flannel or the fact that your sweatpants are one size too big, and don’t even get us started on those wool socks we all love. Sure your pajama drawer can be made up of mostly these items, but you should also make sure that you have at least one set of sexy jammies!

Whether you opt for a slinky silk slip or a pair of boy shorts and a tank, you can find all sorts of fun and flirty sets that make going to bed extremely sexy. These types of sets are perfect for those early mornings and sexy surprises!

Cute Coverup

Everyone loves unwrapping a present, I mean, that’s half the fun! Think of a cute coverup as the paper that some lucky individual gets to unwrap. Having a silk robe that you can wear over some fun lingerie or even just alone, is a must that every woman should have ready to wear. The great thing about these pieces is that they come in multiple colors and designs so that you can wear them with just about any piece at any point in time and they’ll still look great!

A Teddy

One of the pieces of lingerie that is both extremely sexy and could be worn as pajamas is a teddy. These sexy little pieces are known for making any body type look gorgeous! When you want to feel sexy in as little time as possible, throwing on a teddy and rocking it is the answer. The best part about these pieces is that they can be as sweet and flirty or as naughty and dirty, as you’d like for them to be — win-win!

Garter Belt & Stockings

Accessories make up a major part of every outfit, and that’s no different for lingerie. Not every piece of lingerie calls for a garter belt and stockings, but it’s always fun to have the option available in the case that you want to incorporate them into your look. Stockings always make for a sexy touch, and the same can be said about the garter belt! You don’t need to wear both of them to make a statement, add one or the other and you’re going to look sexy regardless.

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