5 Lingerie Pieces You Need This Holiday Season

The low temperatures of the holiday season may call for covering up outdoors, but that’s far from what needs to be happening at home. From the playful opportunities that Halloween allows for to the intimate moments surrounding New Years, there are five staple pieces that you need to ensure are in your lingerie drawer as the holiday season gets closer.


A staple piece of your lingerie drawer will always be pajamas, but the holidays will account for a chance to switch out what’s in your drawer now for something entirely new. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that you have family friendly pieces to wear out on Christmas morning, but finding a few fun pieces to share with your significant other can make for a holiday celebration of its own.

Pajamas also make for a fun gift to give to any of your girlfriends, so if you’re stumped with gifts this coming holiday season, make sure to check out our pajama collection.

A Robe

Having a robe in your lingerie drawer is another staple this holiday season. Layering up is something that happens outside, so why not in the bedroom as well? Having a soft, silky coverup adds a little bit of excitement to the moment, and it’s incredibly versatile when it comes to matching with other lingerie pieces. You can choose all different types of materials and colors to find one that suits your style and comfort needs. Believe us when we say you won’t regret adding a robe to your lingerie drawer.

Robes are another piece that can be worn year-round and also make for a fantastic Christmas gift. Browse the robes that we have available online and find a gift that’s perfect for both holiday gifts, weddings, birthdays, and the like.

Your Basics

Finding cute basics is a crucial part year round, but especially during the holiday season where your wardrobe is going to consist of outfits that you want to look incredible in. From the bras that you have on hand to the selection of panties that are in your drawer, making sure that you’ve got your basics covered should be something that you do before the season starts.

More importantly, you should also take into consideration any big moments that you have coming up during this time of the year. If there are any wedding anniversaries or birthdays that you’ll be celebrating, having your basic lingerie needs covered is a must.


A fun accessory to all lingerie pieces are the stockings. Though not all lingerie pieces call for a fun set of stalkings to be added to the mix, there are certain pieces that can be enhanced by them. For that reason, we strongly suggest adding at least a couple pairs of stockings to your drawer.

The best part about these pieces is that they are so versatile! Of course, you can wear them with your lingerie pieces, but you can also choose stockings that can also be added to a cozy sweater for a more tasteful look. If it’s your first time trying out stockings, consider adding a garter belt to your drawer as well. This will help keep them up and add an additional element of sexy to your look.

Festive Pieces

Regardless of if you’re someone that loves the holiday season or not, playing along with the festive wear is something that you should try your best to give into. There are so many different types of festive pieces that come out during the holiday season, and we strongly suggest giving them a shot. Whether it’s a piece of lingerie with a satin bow or it’s something that matches your wild Halloween spirit, try adding a festive piece to your collection this season.

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