Finding The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

For many women, the first step toward investing in fine lingerie is identifying which kind is best for their body type. Women, like men, come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their genetic makeup and lifestyle, meaning that not everyone will feel comfortable and confident in the same style of lingerie. At Dreamgirl, our lingerie designers firmly believe that anyone can wear any kind of lingerie, but for those who need a little extra help, here is our guide to finding the best lingerie for your body type!

Hourglass Figure

Despite being the iconic female body type, few women have an hourglass figure. If you do, your waist would be about 25 percent slimmer than your shoulders, hips, and chest. Given its slim and versatile form, the hourglass shape works well with a variety of flattering lingerie, including teddies, bodysuits, and those with corsets, bustiers, and other form-fitting tops. This, of course, depends on your bra size, so be sure to check your measurements on our size chart before making a purchase.

Wide Hips

If you are lucky enough to have feminine curves and wide hips, lacy babydolls and negligees are the perfect choice. These provide upper support while allowing the bottom to flow, preventing you from feeling restrained in a tight bodysuit. Another good choice is a corset with garter clips or matching bra and thong set, which flatters the bottom while making you feel perfectly proportional — even if you don’t have much going on up top.

Busty and/or Athletic

Often, busty women or those with an athletic build and broad shoulders have a hard time finding high-quality lingerie that fits their body type while providing the right support. If you have a larger cup size, go with a nice lingerie set or teddy that has a halter neck. Not only will this provide the support you need, but it will also offset any top-heaviness you may be self-conscious of. If you’re not a fan of the halter top, strappy lingerie is also a good choice!


We’ll be the first to say that plus-size women can wear whatever they want. If a snug corset or teddy is comfortable for you, go for it! Or, if you want something a little more breathable, go with a flowy babydoll two-piece with a lacy top and thong. Chemises are also a popular choice, given their soft satin material and loose midriff fit. Browse through our plus-size lingerie at today, or if you have any of the other body types listed above, see what kind of lingerie is best for you at our online lingerie store!